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We are dukapaq

Our story began simultaneously in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Hyderabad, India. Our founder Luka Mutinda was conducting experiments in Tulsa's historic Black Wall Street district via a non-dilutive pebble grant while our co-founder Neville Lusimba was building tech products for the Indian and Kenyan markets. Luka was seeing first hand how American mom and pop businesses were leveraging Point of Sale (PoS) technology to compete with the big guys and Neville was tapped into how fintech software was distributing technology in new ways across different emerging markets. Both had a relentless passion to bring digital solutions to these markets and drive innovation by providing global merchants with the tools needed to increase profits & achieve more efficiency.

This vision led to the inception of DUKAPAQ and has been a guiding principle as we scale our product from Tulsa to the world. DUKAPAQ has evolved today to become more than a rewards and loyalty program. We are building the Neobank of the future for the largest class of businesses on the planet; small, independent shops – and in the fastest growing places on earth.

We have since built a stellar team that is passionate about our customers and feature product. Outside of work we like Kenyan coffee, hiking, poetry, art, playing guitar, dogs, trying new restaurants and much more. We value curiosity, simplicity, inclusiveness, efficiency and customer obsession. Our locations are in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Nairobi, Kenya.

How We're Doing it

Our feature product is a mobile PoS integrated loyalty and rewards program. We are bringing proven technology solutions packaged specifically for SME's that account for the majority of Africa's consumer trade. But, we are more than just a loyalty program. Our All-in-One platform includes modules that allow our customers to digitize the day to day operations that run their business. from inventory, to payroll, payments and beyond.


Mbaluka Michael Mutinda

Founder, CEO
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Luka is an entrepreneur with a background in software partnerships and key account sales. He has domain expertise spanning more than six years in the global PoS industry.

Neville Lusimba

Co-founder, CTO
Nairobi, Kenya

Neville is a 2x founder. He's a software developer and electronics engineer formally trained at Osmania Universtiy (Hydredad, India)

Selina Onyando

Compliance Analyst
Nairobi, Kenya

Selina is a lawyer and tech policy expert specializing in solutions that drive inclusive and sustainable digital economies. She is a graduate of the prestigious Kenya School of Law.

Miguel Adames

COO + Head of Product
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Miguel is a jack of all trades with a background in operations, partnerships, and biz dev. He has industry experience in retail, furniture, and travel.

Nehemiah Kandie

Community Manager
Nairobi, Kenya

Kandie is a CPG marketer with experience pushing FMCG products in various towns across Kenya. He is skilled in community and digital engagement.

our community

We are on a mission to build the largest network of repeat duka customers so that you can reward your most loyal customers.

DUKAPAQ wants to keep them coming back for more with our powerful digital loyalty tools that make it easy to engage your customers. Our data points allow you to capture customer preferences and patterns to offer them personalized rewards, offers and more. The Built-In Loyalty encourages customer loyalty with reward points across a network of participating dukas so that you can reach and engage customers where they are. But don't just take our word for it, see what our beta customers are saying for themselves.

Faith Mworia started her bike rental business in Ongota Rongai (Nairobi) in 2020

"I rely a lot on digital technologies to grow my business. I'm really excited to work with DUKAPAQ because the loyalty program brings a lot of excitement to my customers and for me as a business woman it will increase my visibility and efficiency as a business."

Celo Cycling

Owner, Faith Mworia with a customer

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